Livestream: Ironclad Tactics – Come See Us Wage Civil War With Robots and Cards

It’s not exactly the most unique take on a genre that we’ve ever seen, but Ironclad Tactics deals in addictive action, surprisingly deep strategy and steam-powered robots; which is more than enough for us. Throw in co-operative, adversarial, puzzle and single player experiences and you’ve got quite the indie game on your hands. It’s a rather involving title, so we thought bringing the creator himself, Zach Barth, in for a livestream would be a good idea. Come witness the wonders of deck building and strategizing and even ask the main man himself some questions. Or, if you’re the curious onlooker, jump in to see what Ironclad Tactics is all about. The glory begins Monday, 9/23 at 4pm EDT.

In case you haven’t seen it, Tanya wrote a marvelous review for Ironclad Tactics. So if you’re into the whole written words thing, go check it out!

The stream begins, Monday, 9/23 at 4pm EDT. That’s 1pm PDT for you West Coasters! You can also check the stream out on our very own Twitch TV channel and make sure you sign in so you can speak with us, live!

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