‘Terraria’ – 1.2 Update Trailer

‘Terraria’ 1.2 Trailer Shows Off Bright Colours and Particles Effects

Terraria is one of my most played PC games I currently have on Steam – I’ve logged in about 212 hours, according to my Steam Library. Admittedly, I experienced it just as it was getting popular and I continued to play it up to and past the anticipated-at-the-time 1.1 patch update. However, as college work and life continued to drop anvils on me, I couldn’t play Terraria as much I would’ve wanted as time went on.

Now I hear that there will be another big patch update, which just blew my mind because I was under the assumption that updates for the PC version of Terraria had stopped. Apparently I was utterly wrong!

In the middle of last week, Andrew Spinks (aka “Redigit”, the developer of Terraria) tweeted a none-to-subtle hint that the long-awaited (allegedly PC-only) update will be coming to Terraria on October 1.

The 1.2 update was teased in a preview video, as it turns out, back in May of this year. The full gameplay 1.2 gameplay trailer, however, was just released the other day. The trailer itself, I must say, really shows off Terraria’s lighting and particle engine with bright, vibrant colours and particle effects flying everywhere!

I don’t know just how much will be added to Terraria with its 1.2 update, but from what the trailer shows – aside from the great music – there will be a heck-of-a-lot more weapons, items, enemies, bosses, giant bees, bigger killer plants, and diagonal blocks! Yes, the inclusion of diagonal blocks is a big deal – at least to me. Apparently, according to a trusted source, the content count is to be around 700 new items.

700 items?! Assuming it’s true, then fug me that’s a lot! I am thoroughly looking forward to playing Terraria again in preparation for the 1.2 update. We here at Leviathyn will be running a staff-server, and I hope plenty of shenanigans will come from it!

Terraria’s update will be free, as per usual with its previous updates.

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What do you think of ‘Terraria’s 1.2 update? Let us know in the comments!

Chirps to PC Gamer and Content Patch – Ep. 141. Thank you for reading, and I’ll catch you next time!