Steam Announces Another 25 Games Accepted For Greenlight

Steam is on a roll as not long after a massive 100 games were Greenlit, they are announcing another 25 games to be accepted. This is along with promises that Steam will be adding games even faster in the future! You can check out the full list here, but here are some of the highlights from the batch:



Candle is an extremely stylized adventure game that raised over $50,000 last month on Kickstarter. It’s a game focused on making a visual masterpiece with hand-painted visuals and animations. The gameplay features non-violent puzzles in which you have to ensure your candle is not exstinguished, and each character and scene reacts differently depending on how powerful your candle is. The developers refer to the game as an ‘adult story’ in which mature themes are presented in a child-friendly game.




It would be fair to say that Monochroma is Limbo’s not-so-long-lost brother. Set in a creepy industrial world, the game seeks to create an emotional tale with no speech whatsoever. You play a boy that must complete puzzles while looking after his little brother who is scared and injured. Nowhere Studios take pride in their ‘super-accurate’ physics modelling, aiming for puzzles that are smoother and more natural than other more trial-and-error focused platformers. Monochroma is another game that has been supported via Kickstarter, earning nearly $85,000 from 1500 backers, but you don’t have to trust the developers as to how good the game is as they have a demo for you to try out!


Postmortem: One Must Die


Postmortem is a great game for lovers of text-based adventures. There are a cast of dynamic and eccentric characters, and it’s your job to get to know them intimately – because as the title suggests, at the end of the game you will have to choose one of them to die. The game is filled with branching dialogue and choices allowing you to craft your own playthrough of the game and immerse yourself in a sea of relationships and politics. Possibly the most interesting aspects of the game is that it is completely free. Even when it is released to Steam you won’t have to pay a penny (though naturally you can donate and receive some behind-the-scenes goodies!). The game is already available to play on their website, but I’m sure many will prefer to have it conveniently in their Steam library!




Similarly to Postmortem, Warsow is a completely free game. This is demonstrated beautifully by a quote from the developers: “We don’t plan, or want to, make any money, ever. Simple as that”. With that in mind, Warsow is an FPS with a focus on skill-based gameplay free from the annoyances of pay-to-win mechanics. The aim of the project is to create a thriving community and to promote e-sport play. The game is already available for download, but it’s looking to expand it’s audience on Steam.