‘GTA V’ –  $1 Billion Sales Perdiction

Analyst Predicts ‘GTA V’ to Pass $1 Billion in First Month

So, the next GTA is finally here, and I’ve heard that a fair few gamers camped outside their respective stores since 11am in order to get their copy of GTA V! If you were one of those gamers who stayed out until to cold of night then kudos to you!

In a report to Gamespot, Robert W. Baird analyst Colin Sebastian predicted that GTA V will outsell it’s older brother, GTA IV, with a net profit of $1 billion during GTA V’s first month.

“Given the significantly higher installed base of relevant console platforms at launch, greater sales concentration among the top video game franchises, and unprecedented pentup demand, we expect GTA [V] to outpace GTA [IV] sales, and generate roughly $1 billion in retail sales during the first month,” he said.

GTA IV gained a net profit of $900 million during its first month. Given what Sebastian has said it’s no surprise that GTA V may outsell GTA IV. I’m interested to see if this prediction becomes true after a month’s-worth of waiting.

GTA V is now available on PS3 and Xbox 360. If you happened to have bought GTA V for Xbox 360, then please be mindful that installing GTA V to your Xbox 360’s HDD may cause some technical issues! I believe the issue has been solved, but it’s bets to be wary nonetheless!

There’s currently no official word of GTA V coming to PC, but there is an online petition for a GTA V PC release with over 360,000 signatures (yours truly’s among them).

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What do you think of ‘GTA V’ being predicted to pass over $1 billion sales in its first month? Let us know in the comments!

Chirps to VG24/7 and Gamespot. Thank you for reading, and I’ll catch you next time!