EA Teams Up With The Red Cross In SimCity Promotion

EA have truly been on a quest for positive PR lately, as following the Origin charity bundle they are now working with the Red Cross. They yesterday released a Red Cross DLC set that will provide disaster relief to your SimCity empire just like the charity does in real life – and naturally the majority of the profits will be donated. The announcement states that it will be a year-long campaign in which at least 80% of the money risen will go to 10 multinational branches of the Red Cross including the American and British Red Cross. They’ve also stamped a minimum donation figure of $100,000 on the promotion.

So how does the Red Cross DLC pack work? When a natural disaster strikes your city, Red Cross relief tents and vehicles will pop up and help provide food and aid to your citizens. The tents essentially capture the Sims that would otherwise have been fatally injured and then releases them once the event has ended. This process happens automatically, and when the damage dies down they will disappear by themselves.

In addition to the funds that will be donated to the Red Cross, the organization have also reported that are excited that the project will raise awareness about the charity and the services that they provide around the world.

The DLC is a hefty $9.99 (or £7.99) and is only available on Origin. If that doesn’t put you off, you can grab it here! It’s also only available in specific countries, so make sure you check before you buy!