Bestselling Xbox Indie CastleMiner Z Is Officially Available On PC

DigitalDNA Games have finally released hit Xbox game CastleMiner Z to PC. The game is acclaimed as the fastest and best selling indie game on Xbox Live, being the first to hit 1 million sales, and in only 10 months. Now the uproar from fans has been heard and the PC version is now out of beta.

For those who don’t know, CastleMiner Z is an online co-op survival horror game. The graphics are heavily-inspired by Minecraft but they sport a darker version to add to the creepy atmosphere. You  must find resources to craft a variety of weapons, mostly guns, to fend off the advancing zombie apocalypse with your friends.

You can still download the free trial/beta version of the game on their website, but you’ll be missing out on some features such as online multiplayer and access to all available game modes – only available to users who fork out $9.99 for the full version. DigitalDNA are also priding themselves on their Facebook features, allowing you to invite and join your friend’s games straight from your social media feed. The game’s Facebook page is pretty active itself, a great resource for fans who want to keep up with the latest patch updates and news!

Although they don’t have an updated PC version, here is the official CastleMiner Z trailer to give you an idea of the gameplay: