Atlus to Become Part of Sega

Atlus’ parent company, Index, will be acquired by Sega Sammy for approximately 14 billion yen in November according to a report from Japan’s Nekkei.

Atlus is the acclaimed developer behind the Shin Megami Tensei, Persona, and Etrian Odyssey series.

There were reports that Sega was among 20 other companies that were interested in the purchase of Index. Atlus had also previously stated this summer that their brand would carry on and was unaffected by any of the financial trouble.


This comes to me as good news as I enjoy a majority of the games Atlus puts out. I’m a fan of their style of RPG and how they aren’t afraid to try something different every once in a while like Catherine. With this news, we’ll hopefully see them continue their work long into the future and only continue to expand.

Are you glad they’re going to be with Sega now or is there someone else you would’ve like to see them join up with? Comment down below!


(Source: Kotaku)