WWE Night of Champions Review: An Expensive Episode of RAW

When I saw the final card for this pay per view, I was pretty underwhelmed. There wasn’t much to be excited about. I mean even the Bryan-Orton match was tainted after Bryan has been screwed over and over again. It just seems like something was going to happen. Let’s see if the pay per view changed my opinion:


Tag Team Turmoil: The Primetime Players defeated The Real Americans, The Usos, Tons of Funk and 3 Man Band.

The show started off with the kickoff with the tag team turmoil. These matches really don’t produce great results as tag teams lose very quickly. I was pretty annoyed during this match due to the commercials during it. But it was clear that the Prime Time Players were winning due to Darren Young’s recent push. But I must say how sad the shape of the tag team division is. Especially when three out of the five teams are the only viable contenders. I suppose the Wyatt family but the Shield vs the Wyatt Family isn’t happening anytime soon. This was a nothing match though and it doesn’t last long due to it being the pre-show.


WWE Intercontinental Title Match: Curtis Axel (c) defeated Kofi Kingston to retain.

Triple H comes out now and opens the show. Paul Heyman with Curtis Axel comes out to protest his match with CM Punk. Triple H, instead of cancelling the match, makes a match for Curtis Axel to have immediately. I guess it’s a good thing when everyone forgets that the Intercontinental title doesn’t have a match. Kofi really needs a repackage or a push or something. He has been floundering in the mid card for five years. This was your typical television match and not too exciting.

AJ wins

WWE Divas Title Match: AJ (c) defeated Natalya, Naomi, and Brie Bella to retain.

Next up was the Divas match. I got to say there wasn’t much here and AJ is the dominant diva. What’s left for AJ, she beat the entire division in one match. Who is there now? I think Natalya is clearly the person to do it but I don’t see her being selected. The WWE seems more concerned with the Total Divas show than the actual division. The only nice thing I can say is that it was short.


WWE World Heavyweight Title Match: Rob Van Dam defeated Alberto Del Rio (c) via disqualification.

So, here we are again. Another Alberto Del Rio match with an opponent that means nothing. It’s hard to get invested in a match like this where Del Rio beat RVD clean as a sheet in two minutes about a month ago. The match itself wasn’t very good and the finish was completely stupid. Del Rio slaps on the armbreaker and refuses to let go so he retains. Why doesn’t he just punch the ref so it saves the audience some time if they are going to piss people off like that? At least there was some story here compared to his match with Christian. But that match was good, this was not. They need to get the title off Del Rio, he’s not doing it any favors.


The Miz defeated Fandango.

Speaking of nothing matches. This match was setup because Fandango kept interrupting The Miz at SummerSlam with his dancing. Nothing special here as both of these guys have nothing to do so they have a feud that seems like it was put together at the last minute. Neither of these guys have done anything to impress me ring wise and this match didn’t change that.


Curtis Axel and Paul Heyman defeated CM Punk.

This one has been building for a long time and pretty much they sold the pay per view on the fact that Punk will bash Heyman’s face in. Punk did his best to make Axel look good out there but Punk is just out of his league at this point. Punk beat Axel after having their 66th match against each other. Punk got to wail on Heyman for a little bit and that’s what the fans came to see. Unfortunately before Punk got the pin, the new Heyman guy made an appearance, Ryback. I excepted the run in but certainly not Ryback to interfere. I wish it was someone new like someone from NXT but Ryback is doing something now instead of bullying indie geeks backstage.


WWE US Title Match: Dean Ambrose (c) defeated Dolph Ziggler to retain.

I was semi-intrigued by this match at first glance but I knew Ziggler wouldn’t win the title. It was an average match with Ziggler doing his usual selling. Ambrose is at least booked like a strong champ while Axel is losing anytime it’s a non title match. Ziggler is done with AJ and is now taking on the Shield but he’s yet to look strong against them.


WWE Tag Team Title Match: The Shield (c) defeated The Primetime Players to retain.

It would have been nice to see the Primetime Players win but the Shield is so dominant. This is the same as AJ. The Shield has beaten just about every tag team and none of the teams look strong. The match was alright I suppose but PTP didn’t look like they had a chance and there weren’t many close calls. I don’t mind the Shield remaining champions but they need to build these tag teams a little more.


WWE Title Match: Daniel Bryan defeated Randy Orton (c) to become the new champion.

I wanted to get excited for this match, I really did. But the Cena vs Bryan match was unique because these two had never faced each other before. Bryan and Orton have faced each other multiple times. This was the match of the night for sure but that’s not saying much. This match was saved by Bryan. I’m not a fan of Orton, face or heel, I just find his wrestling style to be very boring. It also took away from the Bryan winning the match due to the fast count, which was very noticeable. Even though he won the match, it was pretty obvious that Bryan would once again be screwed out of the title and if you saw RAW then you already know.

Final thoughts:

This pay per view just felt like an episode of RAW. Nothing was offensive but nothing was special. I guess it’s to be excepted. We get an amazing pay per view last month but we get an average one here. Bryan is someone I can see them pushing more so he doesn’t have a reason to worry. However, I hope this doesn’t mean two more pay per views of Bryan vs Orton. Check out the main event, that’s about it. WWE Night of Champions is one that you can wait to see.


The WWE is giving you matches that you’ve seen already and is bringing nothing new to the table.

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Total Score - 5


Summary : Predictable matches make this pay per view one you can skip.

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