Leviathyn’s Battle Worlds: Kronos Interview with King Art Games

Turn based strategy has typically been a niche genre, but with hugely successful games like XCOM: Enemy Unknown, it seems as though the genre is making a comeback. Enter Battle Worlds: Kronos, a Kickstarter funded game by King Art Games, developers behind adventure games like The Raven and The Book of Unwritten Tales. Through its massively successful Kickstarter, King Art Games was able to prove that the turn based strategy genre is not a dying breed, and that the demand for this highly technical genre is still there. Jason talked with King Art Games’ creative director Jan Theysen to talk all things Battle Worlds: Kronos, all the way from its unique asynchronous multiplayer to its development process. Check out the interview above, and you can learn more about the game at its official website.

Battle Worlds: Kronos