Gamepop Rivals Ouya With Netflix-Style Subscription Model

The Ouya was a revolutionary console allowing you to play Android games on your TV, raising a record-breaking $8.5 million on Kickstarter. Now there are many others trying to ride the wave of popularity it brought by changing and improving on the features that Ouya provides. One such competitor is Gamepop by BlueStacks. Promising to be the future of mobile gaming, the biggest difference between Gamepop and Ouya is the ambitious subscription model. Similar to Netflix, Gamepop will allow you to rent out their entire library for a modest $6.99 a month – and they include the console for free. While many gamers rightfully dislike the subscription model, a years subscription to Gamepop will amount to $84 dollars (+ $9.99 shipping!), whereas the Ouya console costs $99 and you have to purchase your games continuously afterward. Of course, you will only have access to your Gamepop games while you are a subscriber, so some gamers may prefer to ‘own’ their games even if it costs more.

Gamepop provides two console types: the Mini Gamepop and the premium Gamepop. The Mini Gamepop is the version that comes free with a subscription, although if you cancel that subscription within 12 months you must return it and pay a $25 restocking fee (you get to keep the console if you subscribe for over a year). On the other hand the premium version of the console costs a flat $129 along with the subscription – but the advantages of this choice haven’t really been announced yet farther than that it will be more powerful and may have more ‘features’. One thing that many have found problematic so far is that the Gamepop controller details haven’t been released yet. The design and function of the controller can be an important factor when purchasing a console. On one hand, the Ouya has a light-weight controller similar to the Xbox, but the Gamepop also allows you to use your iPhone as a makeshift motion controller itself.

With a subscription model the library is key, and BlueStacks know this. Currently Gamepop has over 500 games and counting, and have managed to get developers like Intellijoy and Rogue Rocket Games on board. At the moment, Ouya has a total of 423 games. One reason for the difference is that the Gamepop can also play iOS games, not just Android games, giving them the ability to include some exclusives that Ouya can’t provide. Of course on the other hand, there are features unique to the Ouya like the ability to easily develop and publish your own games.

Currently, Gamepop is set for a winter release, and you can pre-order the console on their website. You can also view their official video here:

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