The Making of Grand Theft Auto, and How It Was Almost Canned

The next greatest and grandest addition to the GTA series, Grand Theft Auto V, is about to finally hit the shelves tomorrow! However, let’s take a moment to look back on how the franchise began and how it almost didn’t make it to the hands of gamers. Or the light of day, for that matter.

In a video released on The Guardian (a British national daily newspaper), the original creators of GTA – a small, now-defunct Scottish development team called DMA Designs (otherwise known for Lemmings) – recall the game that started it all back in 1997 and how the unloved title jump-started the GTA franchise we now know today.

Warning: the following video contains strong language! (You’ve got no problem with that, right?)

The video really does show off, in my opinion, how times have changed for the GTA series since its humble beginnings in 1997, and how it exploded to be the franchise that a majority of gamers (personal assumption) know and love today.

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What do you think of how the ‘GTA’ franchise began? Let us know in the comments!

Chirps to VG24/7, CVG and The Guardian. Thank you for watching, and I’ll catch you next time!