Rainbow Six Vegas Free On Xbox Live Now

Continuing Microsoft’s Games with Gold program this month is an undeniably “oldie but goodie” game, Rainbow Six: Vegas.  Sure, its’ seven years old at this point, but it’s free, and with the right crowd it is an incredible multiplayer experience, both cooperatively and competitively.

We started off the month with Magic 2013, and now we have something a little more action-oriented.  I’ve wrote at length about mu disappointment with the Games with Gold program, but people should find something to like here.  If enough people pick it up and light up the multiplayer servers, who knows?  We could be in for a good time, and I’ll take any excuse to dig back into Terrorist Hunt.

You have until Oct. 1st to pick up Rainbow Six: Vegas, so what are you waiting for?  They say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, so if you’e never played this game, do yourself a service and check it out.  Do it for ‘Murica.