Pokemon “Special” Announcement Coming On Monday

Pokemon fans have been getting quite a few announcements recently. In the build up to what looks to be two great games in the series, X and Y, Nintendo and the Pokemon developers, Game Freak, have been throwing out new Pokemon announcements all over the place. Now it looks like there will be yet another one on its way.

[blackbirdpie url=”https://twitter.com/Pokemon/status/378911540792942592″]

Posted on the official Pokemon Twitter page, because everyone and their dogs use Twitter now, was the tease. It said “Heads up, Trainers! We’ve got a surprise for you! Tune in Monday at 8 a.m. PDT for a special announcement!” In case you didn’t get all that, it is a “surprise” which, in PR speak probably means it is not going to be all that surprising. But we can all hope! With the imminent release of X and Y, could it really be anything else but more information for those two games? We will wait and see.


We will report back to you guys about the announcement after the scheduled time. Put it in your calenders people, 8 a.m. PDT tomorrow!