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Three Monkeys: An Audio Game For The Visually Impaired

Incus Games yesterday announced their new audio game called Three Monkeys that will feature a standard RPG experience with one major difference – there will be no visuals whatsoever. Consulting with a member of the Royal London Society of the Blind (RLSB), they are aiming to create a full, rich world where the player can freely explore without the need to be firmly guided through. As such there will be subtle audio cues throughout the game instead of a continuous narrative, as well as companionship from the player’s fairy friend, Yoska. So far the Incus Games team have spent extensive time experimenting with different ways of creating unique sound effects, even smashing up watermelons to mimic the sound of dying birds.

The main storyline will feature a curse by the White Witch that plunges Byzantia into darkness, putting a lack of vision at the forefront of story and gameplay. By inspiring the imagination to create a fleshed out world using only binaural audio, Incus Games hopes to promote audio games as a genre for both the visually-impaired and the regular gamer to enjoy.

Three Monkeys will be playable for the first time at the Eurogamer Expo from the 26-29th of September and is currently only planned to be released on PC so far. Otherwise, they have so far only released a development/concept video, as well as some audio for Yoska’s character. Check out the main video here:



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