Xbox One

The First Retail Xbox One Box Revealed

We’ve already seen the unboxing of the Xbox One thanks to Larry Hryb (aka “Major Nelson”, Microsoft’s Director of Programming for Xbox Live), and that said box that was unboxed – I believe – was the Day One Edition box for the Day One Edition Xbox One. Now we get to see the first retail edition box of the standard Xbox One.

Now that I’ve thoroughly planted the image of boxes into your head, let’s move on.

In a short tweet, Major Nelson showed off an image of a big box with the image of the Xbox One on it, coining it as the “very first Xbox One off the assembly line.

It’s a very simplistic, green box no doubt. No embellishes from this angle that can be seen (aside from the image of the Xbox One itself), but I think it’s safe to hypothesize that all the free space may be taken up by various promotions, deals and bundles that retails stores may wish to plaster on to it.

This small reveal certainly gives us all something to look out for when the Xbox One launches: a large green box, “large” being a very apt word to describe it, considering the actual size of the Xbox One itself.

The Xbox One will be hitting the shelves on November 22.

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