Planetary Annihilation Beta

Planetary Annihilation Beta Release Date Announced

Uber Entertainment has announced a release date for the Beta phase of their multi-million dollar Kickstarted Real Time Strategy title Planetary Annihilation. As announced in Friday’s Kickstarter update and live stream, Beta will begin on September 26, 2013.

“We’re happy to be making this game. You guys made it happen. Thanks again to the backers.”

Beta is available for Kickstarter backers that pledged $40 or more, but pre-orders are available with Beta access for $60 on Uber’s own store.

The developers at Uber have been refreshingly transparent in their development of the highly anticipated intergalactic RTS through constant live streams and development updates. Planetary Annihilation has been available in Alpha form on Steam since June 16th as part of Valve’s Early Access program, allowing gamers to pay extra (currently $70) to buy into an earlier phase of the game. Uber has continued to roll out bug fixes, stability updates and new features such as upping the max player count (currently at 10), improving the AI, and allowing for customized planets.

Some planets get more annihilated than others.

Some planets get more annihilated than others.

Like Alpha, Beta is scheduled to last three months leading up to a full release in December 2013 and promises classic real time strategy gameplay with full scale interplanetary warfare. Eventual launch features include up to 40 players per server, procedurally generated planets, and full modding support. Note that while the final product will allow for offline play, current Alpha and soon Beta releases will require access to UberNet’s servers.