Fable Anniversary Not Coming to the Xbox One

When Fable Anniversary was delayed until 2014, rumors about whether or not we would see the game on Xbox One flooded the internet.  After all, it did make sense to see Fable Anniversary on the next-gen console due to the fact that the highly anticipated Fable Legends will be making its debut on Xbox One.

However, Lionhead Studios has officially come out with a statement confirming that Fable Anniversary  will not only be released in 2014, but also stated that they have no intention of releasing it on the Xbox One. This is according to producer Craig Oman on Twitter.


“There are no plans to bring Fable Anniversary to Xbox One,” he said, then confirmed that Fable Legends would be on the next generation console.

Fans will just have to wait until February 2014 to get their hands on the HD remake Fable Anniversary, which will also include the original 2004 game and its Lost Chapters expansion, though the title will not be on the PC.

The game is going to include new characters, a new lighting system, textures, character models, materials, and new facial and cutscene animations all powered by the Unreal Engine.  Fable Anniversary will also include widescreen support and remastered audio.


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