‘Elite- Dangerous’ – Capital Ship Battle

‘Elite: Dangerous’ Trailer Shows Off Capital Ship Fight

I’m familiar with the upcoming Star Citizen, but I’m sad to say I hadn’t heard of Elite: Dangerous until recently. Elite: Dangerous, for those who are unaware, is an ambitious space-simulation title by Frontier Developments, and was successfully Kickstarted earlier this year on January 4, and is planned for a 2014 release.

The video itself shows off a small squadron of fighters supporting a friendly capital ship, which happens to be slugging it out with another capital ship. Needless to say the capital ships are the focus of attention in this video, at least for me anyway. Partly because they’re the biggest things on screen, and partly because I would really like to fly one! The fighters themselves get a good chunk of screen time too, since their dogfighting brings the camera around and in-and-out the capital ships in a meandering dance of navigating in tight spaces and dodging incoming fire.

According to the YouTube description the trailer was “used as part of a composer selection process for Elite: Dangerous,” with the winning composer being  Erasmus Talbot.

Additionally the selection process also helped Frontier Developments develop different aspects of Elite: Dangerous, such as ship materials, GUI layout, and even special effects.

Another video is promised to follow up this trailer, where a detailed making-of video will highlight how Frontier Developments’ artists benefited from producing this trailer. A dev-dairy is also promised to follow up, where David Braben (founder of Frontier Developments and co-author of the original Elite) will talk about why the trailer was made.

In other news: unnamed developers are quoted on the performance differences between the Xbox One and PS4, a few thoughts on a mutant league football remake, and look out for the Dishonored: Game of the Year Edition

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