Extra Credit’s games for good RocketHub campaign ends with $61,000

On Tuesday, the RocketHub campaign started by James Portnow officially came to an end and has raised over $61,000 to help change the conversation on games. The campaign called Games for Good will help show the educational and cultural benefits of video games. Portnow who is the co-creator and writer for Extra Credits started this campaign to help change the conversation form “why game aren’t bad” to “how games can be good”.  The project was officially launched in May of this year and was featured on an episode of Extra  Credits and had a goal of $50,000.

The purpose of the campaign is for the gaming industry and community to be more proactive instead of just being reactionary. It will be about how games can actually do real good in the real world whether games can help bridge cultural divides or help people understand the workings of the American government.

The money will go into three separate areas to help the Games for Good campaign.  The first area is that the money will go towards lobbying efforts in Washington DC to help stop any proposed anti-video game legislation. The second area is that money will help fund a “Games for Good” jam which will help make sure games for good will be produced. And, the third area will go towards changing the way grant money for games is handed out. That way more educational games will be made that people will actually want to play instead of games that people are usually forced to play.

In order to make sure that the campaign is a success, James will take a year of his life and will cut back many outside activities in order to see if he can change the conversation on games.

Do you think a campaign like this will help change the conversation on gaming? How would you show the positive impact games have? Leave your answer in the comments below.