Grand Theft Auto V Leaks Show Off Gameplay

While we’re all chomping at the bit to play Grand Theft Auto V, some people have already started, let’s take a look!

There are a few videos flying around now, but Jsticks11 is posting clips of different features and characters through Vine for the world to see. I’ll be listing which is which down below, but you can also go to his Instagram to check them all out yourselves. I won’t include some here because of there being some drug use.


Consider all of the clips below to be NSFW and spoilers

Character Clips: 

Car Clips:

Open-World Clips:

After all of this, there are still more leaks. Videos are popping up on YouTube showing some brief driving moments and the like. I’m sure you could just head over Reddit or search on YouTube for some more clips, there are bound to be more.

Grand Theft Auto V is hitting shelves in six days on September 17th for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. Are you ready?


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