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Pokemon That We Think Deserve Mega Forms In Pokemon X And Y

Ah Pokemon. Every time a new game comes out, such as Pokemon X and Y, there’s always something that gets the newer Pokemon fans rejoicing and the older fans groaning. There’s been no shortage of such events with the latest games, and the latest ‘big thing’ to be announced (apart from the Pokemon Bank) has got to be Mega Pokemon. Super Mega forms of existing Pokemon that are even stronger and look, in my opinion, pretty badass? How awesome does that sound! At the moment the list of confirmed Mega forms stands 12 strong: MegaMewtwo (with an X and a Y form), MegaBlaziken, MegaLucario, MegaMawile, MegaAbsol, MegaAmpharos (with the most fabulous hair I’ve seen in Pokemon to date), Mega Kangaskhan, the newly announced 3 starter Mega forms: MegaCharizard, MegaBlastoise and MegaVenasaur and the newly announced Mega Garchomp (I’m loving that one). A pretty strong and good-looking list so far! But everyone has their favourite Pokemon that they think would make better Mega forms, and that’s what this piece is about. Here’s a few Pokemon that just might make an awesome Mega team, whether they be simply underrated or perhaps just need a new makeover:

1. Magikarp.

Yes, Magikarp. Poor, underrated, only-useful-to-get-a-Gyrados Magikarp. I always felt a little sorry for it. It wasn’t much use to anyone, and people just generally ran around with an awesome Pokemon in lead and stuck Magikarp in with an EXP share just to get Gyrados (who I love, but still). He is the eternal Ugly Duckling you’ll find floating around a lot of fishing spots, just looking for someone to give him a chance. Now imagine if you caught a Magikarp, only it had the muscles of Chuck Norris. Not only would it look much more intimidating, but you never know: Magikarp may actually learn a move that causes REAL damage! Not just Splash, Tackle and Flail. Something a little like this beauty I found while scouring Google. Who would honestly want to mess with that?

Pokemon X and Y Mega Forms

 2. Dragonite

Pokemon X and Y Mega Forms

I know Dragonite is pretty powerful, but I’m a little biased with this as it’s one of my favourite Pokemon. I’ve loved it for as long as I can remember, with it’s combination of powerful moves and pretty good speed. Every game I’ve had a Dragonite as one of my first Dragons, and I’ve always trained it up as fast as I could, ready to keep me out of trouble. The only problem with Dragons is that they still have weaknesses, despite being pretty strong. Dragonite is devastatingly weak to Ice attacks (due to it’s dual type), it’s weak to Rock attacks and, of course, weak to Dragon. Even if making it a Mega form only reduced those weaknesses or something, for that one battle, it would make it a bad-ass Pokemon.

3. Umbreon and Espeon

Pokemon X and Y Mega Forms

Eevee evolutions tend to be a favourite with a lot of people, and these two are no exception. I only pick two for the simple reason that having one would make one evolution overpowered, and by creating these two together it balanced the game out. To keep everything balanced I would suggest giving them both Mega forms, so that if one changes you can change the other and save yourself. They’re also like Ying and Yang – if you overpower one, you need to do the other to keep it balanced. Umbreon learns Faint Attack and can learn a whole selection of other useful moves (including Dark Pulse and Dream Eater if you use a TM) while Espeon learns attacks such as Psychic. Grass Knot and Dream Eater (TM’s needed for the last two). They’re both useful Pokemon to have and they’ve gotten me out of a few tough battles before, so imagine if you made them even more powerful?

4. Miltank

Pokemon X and Y Mega Forms

Continuing with the underrated theme, lots of people I know don’t seem to like or really appreciate Miltank. It’s the Kangaskhan of Generation 2, but has the useful ability of Thick Fat (fire and ice moves do 50% damage instead of 100%) and Scrappy (a Ghost-type can be hit with Normal and Fighting type attacks). Without even looking at the move set it’s already a useful Pokemon to have around, especially if you’re running around the Pokemon Tower. Being a Normal Pokemon it’s also only weak to Fighting-type moves, and so far it doesn’t really do much else. It doesn’t evolve. There is no baby form. So why not give it a Mega form? Just through leveling up Miltank can learn Zen Headbutt and Gyro Ball, and if you add TM’s then Solarbeam, Earthquake, Thunder and much more can easily be at your disposal. Plus it can learn 4 HM moves as well, meaning you don’t have to pile them onto one other Pokemon. It’s power is rated pretty high and, like the tank it looks like, it has high health as well, making it a great beat-stick Pokemon. Even if it doesn’t make your opponent’s Pokemon faint, it’ll sure do some damage in Mega form.

5. Milotic

Pokemon X and Y Mega Forms

I remember spending many hours screaming at Cynthia, who always managed to beat my team with her stupid Milotic. No matter how much I trained or changed my party, somehow I would get her down to that last Pokemon and then everything would go so terribly wrong (some people say I’m just unlucky). Milotic is both beautiful and dangerous to battle against, when trained properly. This ‘Tender Pokemon’ evolves from the ever-beautiful Feebas, and learns the usual myriad of Water moves. It can also learn a selection of Ice moves (which really screw up your Dragons) as well as Dragon pulse (again, poor Dragons) and it’s pretty fast. It also has a high health and Special Defense, meaning it can take hits and keep dishing out damage. Imagine how much of a pain that is – now imagine a Mega form of that, which is more annoying and slightly stronger. Granted it’s for one battle, but I would make Milotic a part of my team just for that defense alone.

6. Luxray

Pokemon X and Y Mega Forms

For some reason Luxray has held my heart in Generation 4. This was back when the little Shinx was the only Electric Pokemon I had on my team and I was struggling against Water Pokemon (I started with Fire). As soon as I got it up to Luxray it kicked pretty much everything’s butt, and I know people may say that Ampharos it a better Electric Pokemon, but it Luxray was always more of a personal favourite. At level 100 it has quite a lot of health and it’s speed it actually faster than Ampharos at Level 100. Plus, if it is weaker then wouldn’t it make sense to give it an extra way to kick Pokemon butt?

There you have it – just a few Pokemon that we think deserve Mega Forms in Pokemon X and Y. Granted this list may be nowhere near the same as yours, so feel free to tell us what Pokemon you want on your Mega Form team. Perhaps you’re partial to Gardevoir? (I know I am) Or maybe you think Lugia could do with being made even more powerful. Whatever we think, it’s going to be interesting to see what other forms are announced before the game’s release.

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