Pokemon X and Pokemon Y

CoroCoro Magazine Reveals New Pokemon X and Y Mega Forms And Pokemon

The Pokemon X and Y announcements just keep coming in. This morning we were introduced to two new Mega forms, alongside a handful of new Pokemon, including fossils and starter pokemon. This new announcement, once again, came thanks to CoroCoro magazine. Let’s take a look what new goodies today has brought:

Pokemon X and Y Mega Forms Pokemon X and Y Mega Forms

First we have the new Mega forms: Mega Garchomp and Mega Mewtwo. I know you’re thinking that Mewtwo already has a Mega form, and he does, but I’m really liking the design of this one compared to the previous one. For starters, he definitely looks like Mewtwo with no weird appendages or sticking-out bits, and he’s got that lithe edge of a fighter about him. Which is about right, since this Mega Mewtwo is a Psychic/Fighting Pokemon who has the ability Steadfast. Possibly bad news though…the two forms of Mega Mewtwo are version specific! The previously shown version is Mega Mewtwo Y and is exclusive to Pokemon Y, while this is Mega Mewtwo X and is exclusive to Pokemon X. Perhaps that will sway your decision for which version to get? Curiously enough, he is also listed as a Fairy type. I’m imagining Mewtwo in a tutu.

Mega Garchomp, on the other hand, is perhaps one of my favourite current Mega forms. Mega Garchomp has the ability Sand Force, and apart from that, there haven’t been many other details announced. Curious and even more curious!

Pokemon X and Y

Then we have the newly-announced Pokemon. The white dog at the top is called Torimian, and is a Pokemon straight from the Pokemon Direct. It’s a Normal-type that knows a new ability called Fure Coat, which reduces Physical Damage. You also have the awesome option to customize its appearance! The two Pokemon at the bottom are actually the same one, just different genders: the male is on the right and female on the left. This Pokemon is a Psychic-cat called Nyaonikusu, and their movepool differs between the genders. The male is supposedly more of a supporter, while the female is the more aggressive attacker who knows Extrasensory, while the male knows Miracle Eye. It also has either Keen Eye or Infiltrator. Personally, I prefer the male design.

There’s also the two new Fossil Pokemon (a standard for the Pokemon games): the cute T-Rex is called Chigorasu, which is a Rock/Dragon type and has a new ability called Hard Jaw. Hard Jaw increases attack power of biting moves, and he also knows Crunch. The second cutie is Amarusu, a Rock/Ice type Diplodocus which has another new ability called Freeze Skin. This turns Normal-type moves into Ice-type moves and raises their power, and it also knows Aurora Beam. Poor Dragons.

Pokemon X and Y

Finally, news people have been waiting for! The above image shows the evolutions of the three Starter Pokemon! The names appear to be as follows:

  • Gerogashira is the evolved form of Froakie, and knows Bounce
  • Hariboogu is the evolved form of Chespin and knows Mud Shot
  • Teerunaa is the evolved form of Fennekin and knows Psycho Cut

They’re all single-typed Pokemon, and at the moment that’s all that has currently been announced. We’re hoping for more to be announced shortly!

A few other important details have made their way onto the Internet as well, so let’s have a further look:

  • The Fairy type chart has been revealed! Whether it’s confirmed or not is another story, so keep waiting for the official confirmation. So far, the Fairy chart looks like this: Fairy is Super-Effective against Fighting, Dark and Dragon, while not effective on Fire, Poison or Steel. It’s also weak against Poison and Steel, while resistant to Fighting, Dark and Bug. It’s also immune to Dragon, so Dragonite is going to get slapped silly this generation.
  • You can change your hair and clothes at a Boutique and Salon with a famous actress called Karune. Karune is a trainer, so you’ll also have the option to battle.
  • Team Flare are looking to create a ‘beautiful’ world, and have 5 scientists: Kuseroshiki, Momiji, Bara, Akebi and Corea.
  • Steel has lost its resistance to Dark and Ghost! This is still unconfirmed, so take it with a grain of salt at the moment.

So what do you think about the new Pokemon and version-exclusive Mega Forms? I was excited already – this just puts me in question whether to get Pokemon X or Pokemon Y.