Ubisoft’s Child of Light Looks to Capture the Spirit of JRPGs

With a turn-based battle system and fantastic premise, Ubisoft’s recently-announced Child of Light is a game heavily influenced by classic Japanese role-playing games.

In Child of Light, players take on the role of Aurora, a princess with a pure heart who has been summoned to the kingdom of Lemuria to restore the light sources of the Sun, Moon, and Stars by defeating the evil Black Queen that stole them. Check out the trailer below:

A sidescrolling game set in a gorgeous world reminiscent of an impressionistic watercolor painting, Child of Light features a turn-based combat system reminiscent of the Active Time Battle system employed by the Final Fantasy series. Although, according to Joystiq, there are no random encounters. Instead, enemies will be clearly visible in the landscape, and battles will be initiated when Aurora makes contact with them.

Child of Light is set to release on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 in 2014. Keep it locked here to learn more about this and other Ubisoft games coming next year.