Project Phoenix Kickstarter: The Ultimate JRPG With Legendary Developers

It’s your last chance to get in on the amazing proposal that is Project Phoenix! It is well-known that Japanese RPGs have a fairly niche fanbase in the western market, but a group of gaming elites are gathering to fast-track them into the mainstream gaming pool. The project aims to drag the Japanese market – kicking and screaming if it has to – out of it’s set old ways and combine the classic JRPG heart and soul with the best of modernized gaming that western RPGs have to offer.

This isn’t just a pipe dream however, as they have some absolutely huge contributors that are literally donating their time and abilities to make the project a success. There are developers that have worked on everything from Lord of the Rings to Skyrim and Diablo 3 to add the western flavor, and plenty of Japanese veterans including many that have worked on the Final Fantasy series such as the incredible Nobuo Uematsu as the lead composer!

The game is currently planned to be available for PC, including Linux and Mac, PS4 and Vita, and even a special version will be made for Android and iOS! This is great news for PC gamers as the platform is currently starved dry for quality JRPG releases. Additionally, the game will provide English and Japanese voiceovers and subtitles and there are plans for German localization.

Check out their Kickstarter page for the full list of incredible talents working on the team as well as concept art and music samples to give you a taste of what’s to come. 15,000 backers have already put their cash forward for a total of nearly $900,000 dollars (9 times the asking amount!), but there’s less than one day left to get your piece of the pie!

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