Battlefield 4 Weapon Customization Shown

A recent video released on the official Battlefield YouTube page shows off what looks to be Battlefield 4’s weapon customization.

If you’re familiar with Battlefield 3, you’ll notice a pretty huge difference here. You’re no longer cycling through your customization options, they’re now shown in a list format. I personally prefer this over the previous system, which seemed to be a little clunky.

You’ll also notice that there seem to be way more options to choose from. DICE says that there are triple the amount of attachments there were in Battlefield 3, and these vary from a bunch of different scopes, grips, iron sights, and even a lot of camouflage options. The variety of camo is a nice touch, as it’ll help personalize your weapon. The amount of accessories you can have placed on your weapon are said to have increased as well. Everything stated just seems to be a big plus, as you’ll be able to tune a weapon’s attachments to suit your play style. Now, you could do that before in Battlefield 3, but it seems to be much more expanded here. The only weapon shown off here is the QBZ-95-1, so expect many more attachments for all of your favourite weapons, including handguns.

If you want a lot more info on the customization being offered in Battlefield 4, you should definitely check out their blog post about it. Yes, it’s a little fluffed out with non-important information you don’t really need, but there’s a lot of meaty info there as well.

Impressed by how much you can change your weapons, or should there be much more? Comment below!