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Closed Circuit Review: Disappointmenting and Dull

Closed Circuit is set in London where everything is captured on camera, as the government has put the city under surveillance. A bombing has just occurred; the city and the government are looking to take down the terrorist responsible for this attack. They arrest a man as the prime suspect.

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After some time passes, the city is preparing for the trial of the century and barrister Martin Rose, played by Eric Bana, is appointed to the defense. He is replacing a friend of his, who died from very suspicious circumstances.

He is paired with the defense’s special adviser Claudia Simmons-Howe, played by Rebecca Hall, and they have a history together as a former lover of Martin’s and the reason why Martin is recently divorced. Their past history is a looming threat in the film as it would cause them to be thrown off the case.
They cover that the accused had connections to MI5, the British spy agency, and they quickly learn why the government has wanted a guilty verdict. The majority of the movie is the pair uncovering more facts about the case and trying to hold their own in court.

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The film practically telegraphs what’s happening next and if you really want to see this movie then don’t watch the trailer because it gives away the big twist, if you can call it that.

It really takes a special film to give you such mediocrity and it seems that’s all Closed Circuit is giving. Where it becomes more dull than anything and anytime any real action occurs it will be startling.

It’s a shame too because the film does have talented people and some interesting shots. Like the opening scene for instance, it fully utilizes the surveillance camera aspect that you think this film will have some very creative shots with this. However, the film barely uses this idea and uses it sparingly throughout the film. You figure with a film called Closed Circuit it feature more cameras but sadly it doesn’t.

The couple in this movie share zero chemistry together and the tension between them is suppose to be taboo but it doesn’t become an issue until much later in the film. The rest of the cast tries to salvage the film but the film is just too clichéd that they sleepwalk through their roles, making the whole project a vortex of boredom.

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The film tries very hard to relate this movie to current issues of privacy but the cameras aren’t even used. No one in the film questions the existence of the cameras or what led them being installed everywhere. Instead the cameras are used for a plot device and one or two surveillance camera shots. Even the characters do things in broad daylight that you would think the cameras would have caught that.

The payoff to the film makes very little sense. The solution to the problem is so easily fixed, it will leave you wondering why they didn’t do that much sooner. You might be left angry seeing the lead up falling so flat.

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Better movies have executed the idea of a George Orwell society, where every move you make is being watched. This film could have been really relevant with the NSA issues going on. It even promised that it would be a smart adult thriller with real life concerns. All the right ingredients are here to make something great but it never comes together and it will mainly leave you disappointed seeing all the wasted talents and themes. Closed Circuit is one of those films that is destined to be forgotten in the discount bin, as there is nothing overly good or bad.

Closed Circuit is filled with promises but delivers nothing and instead leaves you disappointed.

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Summary : Uninteresting and unsurprising thriller

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