nintendo 2DS

Why the 2DS is a Great Idea

Nintendo recently announced the creation of the 2DS, a slightly smaller and cheaper version of the 3Ds.  Unlike its predecessor, the 2DS will not have the 3D effect, making it a more affordable, and due to its design, durable option for parents of small children.

Before I started writing this article, I wandered the internet reading forums and various other writer’s opinions of the 2DS and asking whether or not it was a good idea for Nintendo.  The majority seem to think that Nintendo didn’t think things through and that the new handheld is a waste of both time and money.  But I would argue that it’s a great idea for Nintendo and that critics of the 2DS are not considering the most important reason that the handheld is a great move.  Put simply, the 2DS is not for them.  That’s right; the 2DS was created with small children in mind, not adults.  It was created as a more durable and affordable option for parents, and by not taking this into consideration, people are selling the 2DS short.

Of course the 2DS was unexpected considering all the announcements that Nintendo could have made with their hardware, and I thought that they would push the Wii U.  But after thinking about it for a while, I can see why they made the move that they did.  Let me be clear though; the 2DS is not for me.  The shape is unappealing, the screen is the same size as the original 3DS screen, not the large one that 3DS XL has, and there is only one speaker.  It doesn’t have 3DS’ convenience in that you can close it and tuck away in a pocket or a purse, and it just doesn’t look comfortable to me.  That doesn’t mean however, that I don’t recognize who the audience for the 2DS is.

I understand why the 2DS doesn’t open and close, as it’s less likely to break when a child uses it.  I don’t know how many of you interact with small children, but they tend to break their toys and what is a 3DS to them but an expensive toy?  Because of the hinge, the 3DS is quite fragile, and give a child enough time and eventually they’ll break it.  The 2DS is just more durable, making it very appealing to parents.

Also, the 3D part of the 3DS is harmful to young children. Because their eyes are still developing, the 3D technology isn’t good for them, and worried parents won’t buy them the 3DS for that reason.  The 2DS now provides them with a viable option, one that also gives them access to an amazing game library that suits their children.  With enough time, the 2DS could even compete with other child friendly toys like the LeapPad, making it a great first gaming device for kids.  By combining it with the release of the new Pokemon game, there’s no reason why young children and their parents wouldn’t be attracted to all the 2DS has to offer.

There’s only one problem that I see with the 2DS, and that is how Nintendo will market it.  When parents go to the store to buy a 2DS, they won’t see any 2DS games.  Remember that the 2DS is going to be compatible with the 3DS’ game library.  Unless that is made clear to parents, they won’t buy the device, and I don’t think that Nintendo can trust retailers to explain things to them.  This is also the problem that Nintendo has with the Wii U, a device that the casual buyer does not understand.  As long as Nintendo makes sure that parents know what games the 2DS can play, I don’t see why it couldn’t be a smash hit.