Microsoft Relaunches Rewards Service

Well that didn’t take long, Microsoft has relaunched their Rewards service for the Xbox 360 and soon to be released Xbox One. The new plan ditches the old “points” system for a new “credits” one. You can get new credits for playing new games, 1000 to be exact as long as it is a new game, played for over 10 hours within 30 days and was purchased via retail (disc). XBLA, indie titles, and any/all online games will not qualify for credits with a new purchase.

5000 credits is about equal to$ 5 or £3.35 and just like the older plan, you can earn credits via your gaming score. Gamers who rank 3000-99999G will earn the title Contender and receive 50 credits for every $10 they spend. Credits will be deposited every 15th and 30th of the month once you receive 5000 credits. Other ways to earn credits are available like taking surveys or renewing your LIVE subscription.