Every Chicken Should Live in a Hobbit Hole

Browsing the web with nothing better to do is my job and low and behold this coop is what every chicken should live in, a Hobbit Hole. These custom build coops look to resemble that of something out of the shire. Nothing better than showing off this to your neighbors. And before its time for second supper or heavens forbid you have dwarfs for company, at least your chickens will know before they leave on the trail to mount doom that they once lived in a hobbit hole.


We’re making a long term deposit.

If you have enough cash (dwarf perhaps) and want to make sure your life is like right out of a J.R.R. Tolkien novel, then the Hobbit Hole for your chickens is on the must have list. Now all I need is some chickens… and I think I know where I can find a few…

The coops offer everything a hobbit chicken would need:

  • -a removable linoleum floor insert and a removable litter board at the base of the rear door for EASY cleaning!
  • -painted with exterior grade stain
  • -round front door and round windows;
  • -live edge cedar roofing, with a layer of waterproof sub-roofing.
  • -a vented roof ridge and front and rear windows that open for ventilation;
  • -adjustable height, 5′ perch;
  • -exterior nest boxes for easy egg retrieval;

Check out the listings on Etsy to bring The Shire to your home.