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3DS Apps ‘Pokemon Bank’ And ‘PokeTransporter’ Announced

In today’s Pokemon Direct, two new apps for the Nintendo 3DS were announced. The first, Pokemon Bank, will allow players to store up to 3,000 Pokemon on the cloud. These Pokemon may then be saved until you can pass them down to someone, or even until a new version comes out. Of course, the base games of Pokemon X and Y will include a multitude of boxes as they always have, this is just for a ton of extra space. The Pokemon Bank service will require an annual fee, although specifics on that fee have yet to be revealed. When you sign up and start using the Pokemon Bank app, it gives you access to the second app, Pokemon Transporter. Pokemon Transporter will allow players to place Pokemon from their Black/White/Black 2/White 2 game versions into boxes in Pokemon Bank, then transfer them seamlessly to Pokemon X and/or Y.

These features will prove to be extremely useful for anyone who has kept their Pokemon throughout the years, and even more helpful to those who want to start doing so. Being able to store up to 3,000 Pokemon is more than it seems, although for how long? Not including Pokemon introduced in X and Y, there are 649 Pokemon in total. You could fit every single Pokemon from the first five generations four times and still have room left over. Because of this, I can see Pokemon Bank being used for future generations as well, possibly even spanning multiple platforms.

One thing to note about Pokemon Transporter is that a warning near the description of this feature advises against attempting to transfer illegally obtained Pokemon into Pokemon Bank or Pokemon Transporter. This would make it seem as though Nintendo and GameFreak are really focused on putting a stop to the people who create their Pokemon with a program and use it to face off against Pokemon obtained through hard work. Only time will tell if this method works at keeping players from cheating, but here’s hoping that it does.

Either way, let’s hope that the annual fee required to access Pokemon Bank is not too substantial so that any fan of Pokemon X and Y can gain access to it.