3 Reasons Why I’m Stupidly Excited for Dying Light

Dying-Light-Cover-CropFirst shown off a few months ago at E3,  Techland’s upcoming Dying Light has already begun fueling the hype train by releasing a twelve minute, full-fledged gameplay video. For the uninitiated, go watch the video and then come back here. Finished? Good. So chances are your reaction included one of these three words: “awesome,” “garbage,” or “itsjustanotherzombiegame.dontcare” and though you are respectively entitled to your opinion, allow me to give three reasons why I’m stupidly excited for this game. 

#1 – It’s Dead Island Meets Mirror’s Edge 

30 seconds into the video you can immediately feel the Dead Island vibe. It looks like Dead Island, it sounds like Dead Island, and it looks like it plays like Dead Island. The reason for that, obviously enough, is because it’s being developed by Techland, none other than the guys that made DI, and its successor, DI: Riptide. The only noticeable difference is that this time, the main character has the physical prowess of Ezio Auditore or any other urban street ninja.


Do you remember that secret level at the end of Mirror’s Edge with the zombies? Me neither, but wouldn’t that have been awesome? Combine Dead Island with the first person free running controls of Mirror’s Edge, and you’ve got a cat-leaping, zombie-slaying, dream game. Mirror’s Edge + zombies = awesome.

#2 You’ll Finally Be Able to Play The Guy You Think You’d Be In a Zombie Apocalypse

Admit it. Every television show or movie featuring the shambling undead has had you screaming at how “retarded” the characters are for falling into the jaws of those flesh hungry monsters. “Why didn’t he just jump that fence? Why didn’t he just climb on top of the car?” Do you take into consideration the physical taxing of carrying supplies and constant physical activity while heavily under nourished in addition to insanity-causing stress levels and a regressive willingness to live? Maybe not, “but jeez, all he had to do was push the guy and run away.” Well big shot, now’s your chance to test that theory. No longer are you physically limited to a light jog and the vertical jump of a chubby 3rd grader. That post apocalyptic dream of scaling buildings and leap frogging the undead can now become a reality, whether you can do that realistically or not.


#3 Both Fast and Slow Zombies

Slow, shambling walkers instill a long sense of dread, a disparaging feeling of isolation, and allow the game to bring out the human element of the nightmarish scenario. Fast zombies, on the other hand, convey an unmatched feeling of terror and anxiousness, testing your reflexes with swarms of zombies. The contrast between the two is so strong that the ultimate decision of a game developer or screenwriter to make the zombies fast or slow has a dramatic affect on the final product. When poised with the same decision, some genius at Techland decided, “Hey why not both?” And from that shattering of the status quo birthed the idea of having slow zombies during the day, and fast zombies at night, combining the best of both worlds.

Are there more reasons to be interested in Dying Light? Sure, but do you really need anymore? As long as the game handles as fluidly as Mirror’s Edge and rights the few wrongs of Dead Island, Dying Light will be something to keep an eye out for. It’s still unclear whether or not Dying Light will become more than just “Dead Island Free-Running DLC,” but for what’s labeled as pre-alpha footage, it already looks very promising.