Timesplitters Rewind In Development for PS4

Timesplitters Rewind is in development from its creators of the franchise, former Free Radical Design, now a branch of Crytek. Michael Hubricka, the lead in the project, gave a quick interview with Gaming Blend (CinemaBlend), spilling the juicy details:

“We’re actually going to go ahead and start development [of Timesplitters Rewind] on PlayStation 4, just because we’re pretty confident Crytek’s going to say go ahead and do it. But we don’t want them saying go ahead and do it when we’re caught with our pants down and we’re like halfway through development and [then] start something for the PlayStation 4″

Aparently they made thier decision shortly after Sony released the SDK for the next gen console, the PlayStation 4. But just because the team is building the game doesn’t mean it will come to light, and Michael made sure to point out that they will need approval from Crytek:

“It’s mostly just us waiting on Crytek’s legal department to give us the go ahead. With these things it’s not like they say ‘Hey, we don’t know you but we’ll give you access to these things and you can release it on this or that console.’ It’s also their reputation on the line.”

Whether or not we see the next game in the franchise on the PS4 remains to be seen, but for now they are working on an alpha version which will be released later this year.

For more on the interview and whether the game will be ported to Microsoft’s next gen console, the Xbox One, check out the interview over at CinemaBlend.