Dragon Age: Inquisition Gameplay Footage Revealed

A video clip of some in-game footage from the upcoming Dragon Age threequel, Inquisition, has appeared from the depths of the internet, and it looks like Dragon Age. As basic as that sounds, that’s an incredibly good thing, with the threat of jumping to the admittedly awesome Frostbite 3 engine potentially bringing a drastic change to the game’s atmosphere.

But nope. The colors, the styles, the worlds, and the flow of the combat look like an interesting marriage of Origins and Dragon Age II. BioWare has promised to meet players halfway between the two games, which were famous for being noticeably different. Where Origins brought the warm, muted spirit and tactical strategy of Baldur’s Gate, Hawke’s 10-year adventure in Kirkwall played more like a kinetic limb-exploding sugar high.

I loved the strategy of Origins. The pause-play feature brings a level of deep thought that is usually found in turn-based strategy games, transforming it into a high-stakes darkspawn chess tournament. That being said, on some days, there is nothing more relieving than clicking on an enemy character and diving headfirst across a battlefield, sword out, into his chest. So there’s something for everyone.

The combat sequence that plays out beginning at 0:23 seconds in appears to be almost a direct nod to that really, really badass cinematic trailer for Origins. There’s a shouted conversation between what sounds like Varric and Cassandra (at least, that’s what I’m hoping for in my personal headcanon, because those two sure as hell are going to be fun to journey with). Oh yeah, and the Inquisitor’s sword ignites in a sweep of flame when he removes it from his back.

There are a handful of treats for characters looking to sling a few spells. At 0:50, a companion mage summons up a meteor landing site on a few unfortunate baddies (looking suspiciously clad in armor evocative of Flemeth from DAII, so, you know, there’s that). This is followed by a hooded and incredibly literate spellcaster hopping around with a giant tome of magic at his side. He seems to be burning a few pages from his novel, though.

The video wraps up with some over-the-shoulder combat of a warrior Inquisitor, and it’s hard not to draw the parallel to the likes of Skyrim. The combat is quick, visceral, and cinematic, but decidedly pretty hack-and-slash on the surface. Without any sort of HUD, it’s hard to tell exactly what’s going on under the hood. Kind of like that possibly naked guy with the massive tower shield. There’s got to be an in-universe explanation for this, I’m sure.

As the video closes, Varric, Cassandra, and MaybeFlemethExceptNot seem pretty content to stand back and let your Inquisitor do his thing. EA’s been doing the same for BioWare since DAII, and from the looks of it, that might pay off.

What do you think? Is this looking more like the game we all hoped DAII would be? Or have BioWare entrenched themselves deeper in modern gameplay tropes? Hop into the comments below and sound off!