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Minecraft Mass Effect Edition Heading Our Way September 4th 2013

In 2 days we will see the first Minecraft mash-up version come into existence, where the amazing world of Minecraft is fused together with other popular games. Ladies and gentlemen, get ready for Minecraft Mass Effect Version, set to come to your Xbox on the 4th September 2013!

So what exactly are we getting with these new mash-up packs? According to the playXBLA blog post, Minecraft Mass Effect Version will have the following:

– Mass Effect themed texture set

– Mass Effect themed UI

– 36 Mass Effect Skins

– 22 Music tracks from Mass Effect 3

– Pre-built Mars Facility world

Seems like a pretty good set to me, compared to previous new skin sets which were just that: skins. And all of this can be yours for the very small price of $3.99/£2.56! If this still isn’t enough to convince you in spending a tiny amount of money, how about the announcement trailer and some screenshots?

Currently this is only available for the Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition, but with all the existing MODs around it’s more than likely that this already exists in the Minecraft PC universe. Will you be spending your money on Minecraft Mass Effect Edition? And what gaming mash-up would you like to see next? I’d quite like a Dead Rising version of Minecraft, just zombies everywhere and a new selection of pixel weaponry.

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