Broken Age voice cast announced with returning favourites

Double Fine recently announced a bunch of their voice cast in a video for their upcoming game Broken Age. Jack Black (Eddie Riggs, Brutal Legend) will be joining the cast along with Jennifer Hale (FemShep, Mass Effect). Black will be playing the role of Harm’ny Lightbeard, the lifter of clouds, while Hale will play Mom. This is the second time the pair have gotten together, their first being in a previous Double Fine game, Brutal Legend.


The fun doesn’t stop there though, there are returning actors like Richard Horvitz, who played Raz from Psychonauts. The list goes on with Nick Jameson (Dr. Fred, Day of the Tentacle), Cree Summer (Dominatrices, Brutal Legend), and Grey DeLisle (Zaulia, Brutal Legend) all coming back to work with Double Fine. This is perfectly fine with me, I absolutely love the writing that comes out of Double Fine, and it’s better that they’re working with familiar people.

In case you hadn’t heard, Broken Age was previously known as Double Fine Adventure, which had a mighty successful run on Kickstarter. Which also brought them a bit of controversy when they decided to debut the game through Steam Early Access. They were accussed of asking for more money after obliterating their Kickstarter goal, but apparently that isn’t the case.

When speaking at a panel during PAX, Double Fine community guy Chris Remo spoke out saying, “We got so accustomed to sharing so much with the backers.” He then added, “The documentary crew is in our office all the time, so it sometimes feels like the backers are seeing what’s going on, so when this release clarification came it seemed like sort of a shock for us because we had to remember, ‘Oh right, not everyone in the world is seeing this stuff.'”


This is all because their exploits and on-going projects are being shared with the backers of the project and not the general public. This was one of the benefits of backing their game early via Kickstarter. This lead to the public believing they had spend all of their acquired funds prematurely. It’s easy to see why there was a confusion, especially when there are things being taken out of context.

Head Honcho at Double Fine Tim Schafer also commented saying, “The lesson was not that we should have been less open, but that we should have been more open.”


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