More Metro: Last Light DLC On The Way

While Deep Silver is interested in progressing the Metro series beyond the most recent outing, they’re definitely keen on supporting it.

Get ready for Metro: Last Light’s second piece of DLC, The Tower Pack, which is headed to Xbox Live, Steam, and North America’s PSN on September 3rd. Europe’s PSN will receive it on the following day.


This DLC will be priced as at the, always splendid, $4.99 price point. Of course, this will already be covered for any Season Pass holders. The Tower Pack is based around a score-attack mode where players will compete to climb a giant tower inside of a virtual combat simulation to rise on top the of the leaderboards. While this may sound a little advanced for the technology that was being used in Last Light, but… it is the future and it doesn’t sound as if it’s going to follow any narrative structure.


Stepping away from this DLC, 4A and Deep Silver have a couple more expansions down the tunnel. One that has been labeled as The Developer Pack, which will feature a shooting gallery, Metro Museum, an AI arena, and an additional mission called The Spider’s Nest.

The Metro: Last Light DLC will finish with the Chronicles Pack, which takes place along three missions. Each mission will star a different set of supporting characters from the main game such as Khan and Ulman, Pavel, and Anna.

All of the aforementioned DLC packs will be included in the games Season Pass, if all of it sounds interesting to you, I recommend picking it up while it’s still available. It’s always nice to save a few bucks in the long run.

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