On Golden Sun: Will We See Another?

Oh, man, the Game Boy Advance. Remember that thing? It’d be pretty hard to forget such a device, but when was the last time you found yourself thinking about it? So many games that thing had; so many memories. I mostly used mine to play whatever Pokémon game came out or overplay Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, but there was one series of games that I would absolutely call my favorites: Golden Sun and Golden Sun: The Lost Age. Originally one game that was split up due to how long it was turning out to be, I stumbling across Golden Sun in a magazine I randomly bought at a Borders and could’t resist finding out what this RPG was about. Ah, the good old days, when you could find games in such a way.

Golden Sun and The Lost Age came out relatively close to one another, with the latter releasing in 2003 after the former released in late 2001. It would then be seven years before a sequel, Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, came out for the Nintendo DS in 2010 and ended on a cliffhanger that would leave fans with a desire to see, and play, what happens next.

You may have noticed that we’re more than halfway through 2013 and nothing has been said, or even teased, by Nintendo (the series’ publisher) or Camelot Software Planning (the developer) regarding the series. Similar to my Okami article last week, I have to wonder: Will we see more Golden Sun?


Camelot Software’s most recently released game was 2012’s Mario Tennis Open for the 3DS, and their next game, set to release next year and also for the 3DS, is Mario Golf World Tour. As of right now, I don’t believe they have anything else that’s been announced or is said to be in development, so there’s a chance (perhaps a small one) that another Golden Sun is in the early stages of planning.

A long wait isn’t a new concept to the Golden Sun series, either. As stated before, there was a seven year gap between GS: The Lost Age and GS: Dark Dawn. A difference between that length of time and the one we’re currently living in, however, is that The Lost Age had an ending to its plot, while Dark Dawn has a plot that’s yet to conclude. Also, and this is a personal reason, I wasn’t expecting another game after The Lost Age. No expectation or desire comes with the added benefit of not counting the days until the next one.

There’s a small, pessimistic part of me that thinks we’ll never see another entry in the Golden Sun series. That the fates of Matthew, Tyrell and Karis will never be known; we’ll never know if Alex is really Amiti’s father and we may never see the rest of the Golden Sun/The Lost Age cast again (Kraden’s still around somehow). It’s a scenario I don’t dwell on too much, but it’d be foolish not to rule it out completely.

At the end of the day though, and again, similar to my Okami article, I’m going to keep holding on to the idea of more Golden Sun. It was one of the best games to ever grace the GBA and deserves to keep going. If we have to wait another three years (or longer), so be it. We’ve waited longer for other things and it’s not like there won’t be other games to keep us occupied, right? Right.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go watch clips of Golden Sun on Youtube, starting with the battle theme and eventually watching Megiddo over and over.

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  1. Witch Rolina

    Considering the sales and fandom reaction from Dark Dawn, it’s not likely within the next five to six years. Dark Dawn bombed hard, and with good reason – it’s very much /not/ like its predecessors, and didn’t do anything to really evolve and move the franchise forward. If anything, it took steps backwards.

    Sure, it may have reviewed high, but most people in the fandom have no idea why that’d bet he case. As a jRPG, it’s mediocre at best, and as a Golden Sun game, or heck, even a Camelot RPG, it’s pretty bad. Many throw it solidly into fanon discontinuity.

    With a game as toxic as DD was to the franchise, and without it releasing early enough to ride off of the success of The Lost Age, DD just couldn’t get the sales to justify a followup… and to be honest, a lot of fans have mixed feelings about a sequel. Yeah, we want one… but not if it’s going to be like Dark Dawn was.

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