Goodbye, Free Time: Steam Greenlights 100 New Games

Well, dang. On August 28th, Steam Greenlight approved one hundred games for distribution through their service. This almost doubles the amount of games supplied by Greenlight, which has allowed small scale and indie games to shine through a user-voted program within Valve’s publishing network.

The official announcement states that “This latest milestone is both a celebration of the progress we’ve made behind the scenes and a stress test of our systems. Future batches are not likely to be as large, but if everything goes smoothly we should be able to continue increasing the throughput of games from Greenlight to the Steam store.”

Fingers crossed that the stress test survives the push. The post states that the games “will be released independently in the weeks or months ahead, as they complete development and integrate any Steamworks features they are interested in utilizing.”

The full list is available here. There are action RPGs, puzzle platformers, roguelikes, dungeon crawlers, and even some development software in the mix. I dare you to find one that doesn’t even slightly pique your interest, particularly the medieval quest starring a washing machine. It’s hard not to feel overwhelmed by the list, and I almost worry that some of the real gems might be lost in the mind-bending shuffle of new titles, but if you’ve got an immense amount of free time on your hands and a lust to discover some new games, bookmark the list and dive in.