Pokemon – Season 1 Episode 6 Retro Review: Dances with Clefairies

Ash and company arrive at Mt. Moon in this episode. While walking, Brock tells the legend of the meteor that crashed down onto Mt. Moon many years ago and refers to it as the Moon Stone. Our three heroes then run into another traveler that is being attacked by a bunch of Zubats. This is odd behavior, given that Zubat almost never come out of caves in the middle of the day. Pikachu zaps the Zubats and they go flying back into the cave.

The person who attacked, jumps up and starts proclaiming how grateful he is for Ash and Pikachu saving them. He observes how strong the friendship between Ash and Pikachu is, then proceeds to introduce himself. He is Seymour the Scientist, and he likes to speak in rhyme. I have no idea why 4Kids thought that was a good idea. Seymour leads Ash, Misty, and Brock into the caves to show them what the problem is and why Zubat were out in the daylight attacking him.


Apparently someone has put in a bunch of lights and it is upsetting the indigenous Pokemon that are used to living in the dark. The Pokemon don’t know how to handle it and are, in some cases, lashing out. Here’s an idea Seymour, maybe you should just get a ladder and take down the lights yourself? It’s a bunch of light bulbs on a thin wire, it wouldn’t take much to get them off the walls.

Seymour believes that the lights are there because someone is looking for the Moon Stone. Oh and during this scene Seymour states that he believes that Pokemon are from Space and that the Moon Stone was their ship. Yeah, someone is a few nuggets short of a happy meal it seems. Meanwhile, a Clefairy holding a rock of some kind hops by. Ash attempts to pull out a pokeball so that he can catch it, but Seymour stops him and asks him to leave it be.


Around the corner, our heroes hear the terrified cries of the Clefairy they just saw. As they approach they see that the Clefairy has been cornered by none other than Meowth. Jesse and James show up, and after they give their motto, it is revealed that they are the ones who put up the lights. They are trying to get the Moon Stone so that their Pokemon will be unbeatable. Of course this is not how a Moon Stone works, as all it is really useful for is evolving certain kinds of Pokemon but I guess that changed in the anime.

Ash and Brock hold off Team Rocket while Clefairy, Seymour, and Misty make a run for it. During this battle we discover that Brock caught a Zubat off screen. Must have been while Seymour was giving his overly long introduction. Ash and Brock are able to make short work of Team Rocket, but then realize that Meowth was not among them. Ash and Brock rush outside just as Misty defeats Meowth using her Staryu. About time Misty threw down the gauntlet and did some actual fighting herself.


Later that day as everyone is relaxing, Clefairy and Pikachu lead the group to a hidden cave. Inside the cave they find the Moon Stone, along with an entire tribe of Clefairies. The Clefairies then start dancing around the Moon Stone, and through a game of charades Pikachu is able to explain to Ash and the others that the Clefairy are praying to the Moon Stone. Team Rocket shows up again and this time manage to successfully steal the Moon Stone. An impressive feat, given how large the Moon Stone is.

Brock sends Onix after Team Rocket while they try to catch up with them. The plan works and Onix is able to knock over the sled that Team Rocket is using to transport the Moon Stone. Then the large tribe of Clefairies jump out of the hole that Onix dug. They then use Metronome on Team Rocket and send them flying off into the distance using some sort of unleash molten lava attack on them. Hey at least they didn’t end up using Splash or any other useless attack that you can get from using Metronome.


Fragments of the Moon Stone start raining down and any Clefairy that is touched by one evolves into a Clefable. They somehow manage to get the Moon Stone back to the cave and resume worshiping it. Seymour decides to stay there with the Clefairy and Clefable so that he can learn from them and in hopes of someday going up to space with them. Yeah good luck with that Seymour, that is not going to happen anytime soon.

As our heroes leave Mt. Moon and get closer to Cerulean City, they come across a sign that appears to have graffiti on it. There is a message that says: ‘Gary was here!  Ash is a loser!’. The episode ends with a furious Ash running toward Cerulean City in an attempt to catch up with Gary.


I think the only real problem I had with this episode was Seymour’s voice. It was painful to listen to sometimes, and frankly I am glad that he is one of those one time only characters. Also he wasn’t particularly interesting either, so he won’t be missed. Although the concept of the Clefairy worshiping the Moon Stone was rather interesting, given that we seldom see little to no society or culture of any kind when it comes to Pokemon out in the wild.

Overall it was a decent episode, even if Seymour is the kind of character that should probably never get the spotlight again. Stay tuned, Ash and friends will be arriving in Cerulean city next episode.


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