A Breakdown Of The Xbox One Controller

Microsoft has posted a video to their Xbox Youtube channel breaking down various components of the Xbox One controller, and it is incredibly interesting to watch. As someone who loves the Xbox 360’s controller, it is fascinating to see even more improvements being added on to that by the engineers behind the controller. Various changes are being made, like the rumble motors in the triggers, less spacing between the face buttons, and the removal of the huge battery pack that basically owned the entire backside of the Xbox 360 controller. The Xbox One’s redesigned controller also supposedly interacts with Kinect in the way that the camera should be able to read when the controller is passed from player to player in a multiplayer game.

Personally, I like the idea of rumble triggers the most, as it can give players a jolt to their system when they do something wrong or their attention needs to be grabbed. As explained in the video, a small example could be when your clip is empty in a first-person shooter. The triggers will vibrate, instantly alerting you to your situation, and after a while, you could build up a muscle memory where anytime the trigger vibrated during that game, you instantly hit the reload button and get right back into the action. The Xbox One’s controller promises to expand on everything that was in the 360 controller and more, and by the looks of things, they will succeed.

Something to note, however, is how invested Microsoft is in showing off the Xbox One’s controller before its launch, as they should be. The controller is the part of a console that the player interacts with the most during their time with it, and companies have to make sure the controller feels great to hold for extended periods of time. Sony, on the other hand, does not seem as interested in showing off their controller, focusing on the games instead. While also a valid approach, I have to give Microsoft credit in this situation. A good controller can most definitely be a reason to buy the console to the right people. While Sony has definitely shown of the DualShock 4, they have not put nearly as much emphasis on it as Microsoft has the Xbox One’s controller.

Feel free to watch the video for yourself, and share your thoughts in the comments below.