Shadow of the Eternals Misses Out on Kickstarter Goal

It’s official.  At the end of Shadow of the Eternals Kickstarter deadline, the development time at Precursor Games has not met their funding goal.  Only $323,950 was raised out of the required $750,000 total which means that ultimately they did not manage to raise even  50 percent of their target.  So at this point the status of Shadow of the Eternals is unclear.

If you recall back in May the original Kickstarter campaign was pulled due to a very slow start.  After taking time out to redo their goal, lower their target goal, hire premier voice talent like David Hayter (known for his work as Snake in the Metal Gear franchise), and removing the games proposed episodic format the team at Precursor Games was hoping for a much different outcome the second time around.

Unfortunately that was not the case as once again the most recent Kickstarter campaign was slow to start.  With time winding down the writing was on the wall.  But the team has expressed their desire to continue trying to not only fund but ultimately release Shadow of the Eternals regardless of whether or not they met their crowdfunding target.  They have already made clear on their Kickstarter page that they intend to seek out other methods of funding in order to bring Shadow of the Eternals to life.

It’s unclear why Shadow of the Eternals could not succeed in raising the funds needed to complete the game when other Indie development companies have been so successful in the past.  For many would-be developers crowdfunding has helped them create the games of their dreams.  Look at the recent the Skullgirls DLC campaign which raised a total of $828,768 on IndieGogo when their goal was $150,000.  Sentiments from naysayers seems to be that the failure is due to the reputation of Precursor Games’ head Dennis Dyack and other unfortunate personnel issues.  Another source of distress that even Dennis Dyack believes may have been responsible for the failure of the Kickstrater drive is the way that Precursor Games was founded.  When the original crowdfunding campaign was cancelled, Dennis Dyack stated in an interview that he believed that the campaign was tainted in part due to the publics belief that Shadow of the Eternals was connected to the company that many of the developers came from, Silicon Knights.  It’s unfortunate that the bad press seems to have so negatively effected a team that seems to be genuinely passionate about their game and had some amazing ideas.

At this point there is no word on when fans and supporters of Precursor could possibly expect this game to be released, only that Shadow of the Eternals is officially targeted for the Wii U and PC. If the game ever becomes a reality there may be hope for a PS4 version sometime later.

(Source: Gameinformer, Joystiq)