Metroid Fan Film

Nintendo Ends Metroid Fan Film Kickstarter Over Copyrighted Claims

The Kickstarter campaign for a live action Metroid fan film titled, Metroid: Enemies Within, was shut down this week over copyrighted claims made by Nintendo.

Before the shut down, The Metroid: Enemies Within Kickstarter by Massive State and Moxie Lady Productions was asking potential backers for $90,000 to develop a 10-minute film based on the Nintendo series. Now, the Kickstarter page for the Metroid fan film directs visitors to the general “intellectual property dispute” message, which display whenever incidents like this occur on the popular crowdfunded site. On the copyright notification page, Nintendo states they “own copyrights in all aspects of its Metroid video game franchise and related products, including but not limited to the characters, storylines, audiovisual, pictorial and graphic works.” Furthermore, all materials related to the the Metroid fan film  “infringe[d] Nintendo’s copyrights in its Metroid property.” No word yet if the the production team behind Metroid: Enemies Within are trying to work things out with the Big N, but the likelihood of a resolution doesn’t seem very strong at the moment.

Given the recent case of Square Enix and the Final Fantasy VII: The Web Series Kickstarter, it was only a matter of time before Nintendo took notice of the crowdfunded Metroid fan film campaign and kiboshed it. However, not all gaming companies are as strict with their intellectual properties like Square Enix and Nintendo. For example, a Kickstarter for a live action short based on The Last of Us was successfully funded without intervention from Sony or Naughty Dog. Still, for any production team looking to create a fan film of their favorite video games, it’s best to raise the funds yourself than use crowdfunded sites like Kickstarter. Or, at the very least, make sure the publishers and developers are well aware of your project before using Kickstarter.