Still Hoping for Another Okami

Okami was a great game. It was one of the best games to ever come out on the PlayStation 2 and is my personal favorite from that generation of games.

If you haven’t played Okami yet, go do so, I’m sure it’s on some platform you own. In addition to being on the PS2, Capcom re-released it for the Wii in 2008 and it later got the HD treatment for the PlayStation 3 last year. If you thought Okami was gorgeous on the PS2 and Wii, the PS3 version will make you glad to have functioning eyeballs.

I will always remember the ending to Okami and how I wanted more adventures with Amaterasu and Issun or, at the very least, another story involving a wolf god and their sidekick. Sure, the DS got Okamiden in 2011, but that game was more like, ‘oh, here are the adventures of the descendants of those characters from Okami.’ And while Chibiterasu was all kinds of adorable, Okamiden wasn’t the sequel, or spiritual successor, I’ve been craving.

It’s been seven years since I had the pleasure of playing Okami, and I’m still holding out hope for a proper, console sequel.


Clover Studios, the studio behind Okami and several other titles like Viewtiful Joe and God Hand, was shutdown in 2006, with many of its members eventually coming back together as Platinum Games. Platinum, as you may very well be aware, are developing Bayonetta 2 and developed the recently released The Wonderful 101; both are Wii U exclusives. If there was one studio I felt would do an Okami successor justice, it’d be them but, unfortunately, after the aforementioned shutdown of Clover, the rights to Okami stayed with Capcom. Capcom could certainly do another Okami game, but it wouldn’t be the same. And I doubt Capcom is even interested in the IP, if their treatment of Mega Man is anything to go by. To be fair, they did allow a non-Capcom studio, Ninja Theory, to try their hand at Devil May Cry, so the possibility that they’d do the same with Okami isn’t too far out there.

The desperate idiot in me has this fantasy scenario where Capcom and Platinum Games make nice long enough for the latter to work with the Okami IP and the resulting game is a Wii U exclusive. The reasoning being that Nintendo is the reason Bayonetta 2 is even a thing and The Wonderful 101 looks like such a niche game that they’d be willing to take another risk. I’d find some way to buy a Wii U that very day if Nintendo came out and said an Okami successor would be exclusive to the Wii U.

Have you noticed how I sometimes call this imaginary game an Okami ‘successor’? Yeah, that’s mostly because I’d be happy with either: A) another Okami or B) another game from Capcom or Platinum that has similar themes, mechanics and features a canine protagonist.

Am I a hopeful fool for still getting on my knees and praying every night for more Okami? Perhaps. But it’s naïve faith that got me to this point, in this world where Square Enix announces Kingdom Hearts III. With that game supposedly in development and EA doing a Mirror’s Edge 2, I don’t think I’m completely out of my mind by hoping for Okami’s return.

Besides, can’t a guy have innocent dreams sometimes?