EA/Origin Humble Bundle Adds Two Games, Continues To Rock

In a continuing string of notorious game developers doing strangely good things (somehow, I feel like this ties into the end of the world coming on), EA and Origin have added two new games to their Humble Origin Bundle, an already awesome collection of blockbuster games.

Alternate-universe RTS Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3  – Uprising and the 1989 retro legend Populous join the ranks of Mirror’s Edge, Battlefield 3, and Crysis 2 in the pretty significantly excellent list of games. All proceeds raised in the Humble Bundle, which is offered on a name-your-price basis, can be distributed as you see fit among a handful of major charities.

Anyone who has already purchased the bundle for at least the average asking price of nearly $5 will see the two games added to their collection with redeemable Steam (yay!) and Origin keys.

You can view the original announcement article here.

Only five days remain in the sale, so if you’re thinking about making a purchase, now’s your chance. Have you picked up your Humble Bundle yet? Do you see this turning any favor towards EA or their struggling Origin system?