Beyond: Two Souls Will Feature Coop…Kind Of

Quantic Dream has a history of producing engaging, thought-provoking and decidedly single-player affairs.  That makes sense; the gameplay of Indigo Prophecy and Heavy Rain didn’t exactly lend themselves to split-screen coop or competitive multiplayer.  With their new title Beyond: Two Souls, however, they are adding a unique cooperative twist.

In a demo shown by IGN, David Cage talked a bit about this unique multiplayer mode he wants to incorporate.  The gameplay revolves around a girl named Jodie and her supernatural protector Aiden.  While previous demos had shown the player swapping between the two characters, we now know that control can be switched from one player to the other for character changes.  What’s interesting is the control inputs for this new feature.

Beyond: Two Souls

Hopefully it will be less confusing than Heavy Rain’s convoluted QTE system.

A free app for iOS and Android called Beyond: Touch will serve, besides the traditional controller, as the second input.  What’s real interesting  is that either method can be used for either character:  you could play on two controllers, two mobile devices or a combination.  Creator David Cage believes that this could alleviate some frustrations associated with some gamers not being familiar with controllers, whereas most everybody can easily swipe a phone.

The touchscreen will be used for swiping paths and choosing options in quick-time events, something Cage believes phones and tablets are a natural fit for.  I imagine I’ll use the traditional controller, but its pretty neat that I could have a friend on the couch with his phone helping out.  Oddly, the Vita will not be able to be used as a second input, even though it seems like it would be perfect for it.

Beyond: Two Souls releases  October 8th in North America, and October 11th in Europe.

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