What Does Sony Need To Do To Revitalize The Vita?

Sony’s Gamescom press conference was the most interesting of the bunch, and for good reason. Sony ran a long conference that covered everything it possibly could – the PS3, the PS4, and the struggling Vita. While the PS3 portion of the conference was reasonably short, the Vita portion showcased some new things that hope to revitalize the Vita. Notably, the announcement of mega bundles, which will include the PlayStation Vita, and 8 gigabyte memory stick, and anywhere from six to ten Vita games. These mega bundles will allow players to buy a Vita and get a nice handful of games while they’re at it, and it makes it more worthwhile with the Vita’s recent price drop. Borderlands 2 was also announced to be coming to the Vita, which is a game that will definitely find fans on a mobile platform. However, is all of this enough to increase the Vita’s lifespan, or is it too late for Sony?

Personally, I believe that there is still hope for Sony to make the Vita a success as long as they keep focusing on getting fun and addicting games on the platform. Borderlands 2 will definitely go a long way in achieving that, as will Fez, which was also announced to be coming to the Vita, but these titles are not enough. They are older games that are available on other systems, and the Vita needs a library of its own to stay afloat. The “upcoming” HD remake of Final Fantasy X will, again, bring a lot of people to buy the Vita, but it is also available on PS3. I do not believe that remakes are enough to keep the Vita alive when it is this deep in debt.

If Sony really wants to compete with Nintendo for the handheld market, they need to find developers and do whatever is necessary to have people develop good games for the platform. While Sony has several developers for their console titles, it seems that the only things they can get developed for the Vita are ports or indie titles. While I mentioned that I do not believe ports to be enough to keep the Vita alive, I feel the opposite way about indie titles. Sony’s emphasis on indie developers for the PS4 is overwhelming so far, and there should not be a reason that they cannot do the same for the Vita. There is an absolutely absurd amount of indie developers out there who have yet to be heard, and if Sony could somehow get them to develop their ideas for the Vita, it could definitely prove useful for both parties.

No matter what Sony decides to do with their handheld is up to them, although I think it is clear enough that they need incentive for triple-A developers to develop on the platform, and they should go about getting that incentive by allowing indie developers to create with the Vita.