Reaper of Souls is Diablo III’s Expansion Pack

At Gamescom  2013, Blizzard announced the expansion pack for Diablo III titled Reaper of Souls.

The two biggest additions in Reaper of Souls is a new class called the Crusader, and the increase of the level cap to 70. The Crusader class is reminiscent of the Paladin class from Diablo II, and even has a variation of the Fist of the Heavens skill.


All of the classes in the game will receive new skills, passive abilities, and runes, so players who want to just stick with their old characters will still have new things to tinker around with.

A new late game feature called Loot Runs is also being added. Loot Runs will be procedurally created dungeons that exist for the sole purpose of… well, picking up loot. Each dungeon will take approximately 20 minutes to finish, so completing these dungeons won’t take too much time.

The Paragon system is also getting some minor tweaks. It will now have no level cap, allow players to alter the base stats of their characters, and now be available on the account level rather than the character level.

Legendary items are also getting an upgrade in Reaper of Souls. They will now modify themselves to any unique character builds you might be using. For example, a Wizard using a legendary weapon may call upon a Hydra when killing a foe.

One of the more interesting changes in Reaper of Souls is the drastic change in the rate of loot dropping. The expansion will now have fewer items drop from monsters, but the loot will be much better. As an example, a playthrough of Act III in Reaper of Souls had 73 items dropped compared to 256 items that dropped in the original game.

In typical Blizzard fashion, Reaper of Souls has no release date. Diablo III released for the PC back in 2012, and it is also coming out on Xbox 360, PS3, and PS4 later in 2013