Dead Rising 3’s Action-Packed Trailer

Zombies as an entertainment medium has collapsed from its once former glory.  Nowadays it is impossible to throw a punch in the realm of sci-fi without decking an infected.  Many have become skeptic towards new attempts to revitalize interest in fighting the undead.  But what of the franchises that were there from the initial wave?

The first Dead Rising game was a lot of fun.  One of the Horsemen of the eventual zombie entertainment apocalypse, Dead Rising showed that zombies can be great in a third-person brawler, combined with silly outfits, weapons, and over-the-top movesets.

As Frank, it was an enormous amount of fun gaining new abilities, taking photos, and doing one’s best to save as many survivors from zombie and psychopath alike.  The save mechanic, while being inconvenient at times, also made for an interesting game mechanic: saving the game anywhere but the couch in the maintenance tunnels would abruptly end that attempt, causing a fresh start.  Frank’s skills would carry over, meaning that cool double lariat you learned in the last playthrough.  The three-day cycle may have cramped some playing styles, but introduced specific events that altered how the game ended as players pushed on.

The second Dead Rising maintained the norm established by the first.  As Chuck, players were free to bash the undead, face off against the insane survivors, and sport the most revealing costumes left amidst the chaos.

Frank's fashion sense: second to none.

Frank’s fashion sense: second to none.

Everyone’s favorite time limit system also returned, forcing players to return to Chuck’s daughter, Katey.  The game also introduced a multiplayer component.  Although shallow, it still allowed a bit more in terms of replay than the previous entry in franchise.

True to previous entries, Dead Rising 3 will also incorporate the absurd while masquerading as the intensely serious.  The game looks to expand where both of its predecessors came up short.  The game will have a dedicated co-op campaign, and will be doing away with the time limit imposed by the earlier games.  But the biggest innovation seems to be a new vehicle crafting system  This makes sense, as Nick Ramos is a mechanic.   Don’t believe me?  Check out the Best Dead Rising 3 Trailer that IGN uploaded.

Dead Rising 3 will launch in November as an Xbox One launch title.