Zach Barth Talks Ironclad Tactics, His New Game About the Civil War and Robots

It’s been busy period of time for Zach Barth and his small, but capable team at Zachtronics. After ascending untold stories into the void world where their offices are located, Mr. Barth agreed to sit down and tell us about his new game – Ironclad Tactics. Off to PAX Prime this year, Ironclad Tactics will be present to the world for the first time and those lucky enough to be in attendance will get to try their hand at working the magical craft of robot deck building. Enter, for the audio interview awaits!


In the audio interview above, Mr. Barth explains in full detail about Ironclad Tactics development process, idea integration and how the game actually plays. While not quite a straight Magic: The Gathering card game, Ironclad Tactics draws plenty from the renowned game but spins a more fast-paced, unique flavor into the mix. While we can’t officially show anything yet, we’ve gone through the game and can say it’s well worth your time! So listen to that interview, follow Zachtronics on Twitter and visit them if you’re headed to PAX this year!