PlayStation Vita And Memory Cards Getting A Price Drop

It’s not the biggest blockbuster announcement to come out of Gamescon this year, but Sony nonetheless had some good news for folks thinking about picking up the PS Vita.  They announced today at the annual game conference that the Vita will drop from $249 to $199.  For people considering getting one in advance of the PS4 launch, this could be just the thing to give them a nudge.

In addition, Sony also announced an impending price drop for Vita memory cards.  With the rise of downloadable games on the Vita, more space for a cheaper price could be a huge boon.  Unfortunately, we don’t know just how extensive that particular price drop will be.  Right now, average retail for the 8GB version is about $25, so take that for what you will.  The 32GB card will cost you around $80, so any price drop from that would be welcome.

This could be just the thing the Vita needs.  The software is starting to pick up, the technology is very impressive and excitement for the PS4 is at a fever pitch.  Is a price drop enough to make you want to buy a Vita?   Let us know in the comments.